Consumer Discretionary Feb 24, 2022 09:29 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, moodles, a food technology company that subverts the traditional staple food, announced that it had obtained tens of millions of pre-A round of financing led by GGV Jiyuan capital, old shareholders Fengwu capital and Renshan capital. In the past few months, moodles has won the favor of three-party capital continuously. Moodles has completed the establishment of an interdisciplinary research and development expert team, built a joint research and Development Laboratory of health food with Jiangnan University, landed the pilot test workshop synchronously, and started the construction of flexible production intelligent manufacturing factory, which is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of June this year. Li Haojun, partner of GGV Jiyuan capital, said: "The innovation of food science and technology under the trend of low-carbon and health has been the focus of GGV in the past few years. However, the sacrifice of taste and taste in the realization of existing solutions has greatly reduced the experience of consumers. We are very excited to see that moodles has made the balance between health and taste become a reality without changing the consumption of existing Chinese staple food through innovative technical means It is possible and has the opportunity to present products in a more innovative product form. " Founder Zhu peiran frankly said that China's food consumption structure is changing from survival consumption to healthy and enjoyment consumption. Consumers pay more attention to the scientificity of food nutrients, the increase of the threshold for the taste of delicious food, and the more efficient way of eating food.