Consumer Discretionary Jan 19, 2022 05:14 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
At the Shanghai auto show in April 2021, the automatic driving brand "Dajiang vehicle" officially launched by Dajiang received public attention, but there was little news after the official announcement. According to insiders in Dajiang, many orders were received after the official publicity of the car brand. The needs of each customer were different. The team focused on project implementation, so there was no frequent voice after the official publicity. In fact, Dajiang established an automatic driving technology R & D team as early as 2016, obtained the first batch of intelligent networking vehicle test licenses in Shenzhen Special Zone in 2018, and established the first vehicle regulation level intelligent manufacturing center in 2019. At present, Dajiang vehicle has launched three sets of automatic driving solutions: D80 / D80 + for urban roads and expressways, d130 / d130 + for expressways, and intelligent parking for parking scenes. Dajiang's idea is also very simple and straightforward. It uses a central domain controller and a set of sensors in series to function in different scenarios, just like the relationship between nerve center and nerve endings.