Consumer Discretionary Dec 23, 2021 05:46 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In recent years, as the finishing touch of large events such as the national day, Spring Festival Gala and Olympic Games, UAV performance has attracted extensive social attention, and the whole UAV performance industry is booming. In order to promote the further sustainable development of the industry and maintain the order of the industry, on October 3 this year, the first UAV formation performance group standard in China, namely T / shuav 1-2021 General requirements for safe operation of UAV formation performance, organized by Shanghai UAV Safety Management Association, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Qianji innovation technology group and other parties, was officially released. This group standard specifies the UAV performance operation facilities, operation services, operation support, etc. So far, the UAV performance industry has a clear operation specification. This time, according to the general requirements for safe operation of UAV formation performance, Qianji innovation technology group sent its new generation product Qianji III intelligent UAV performance special cluster system to the national safety specification alarm system product quality inspection and Testing Center (Shanghai) for safety testing. The 35 test items meet the relevant requirements of T / shuav 1-2021 and GB 16796-2009. It is understood that this is the first safety inspection report on UAV performance related products issued by the national authoritative quality inspection center after the implementation of the first group standard in the UAV performance industry in October this year, which also means that the UAV performance industry is gradually moving towards standardization.