Consumer Discretionary Dec 24, 2021 02:38 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 22, the first Dyson science and technology festival of "creative technology • enjoy health" officially opened in Dyson live broadcasting base. As an innovative attempt to combine pioneer technology with live broadcasting, the on-site immersive technology experience shows Dyson's unique technological advantages. In this event, Dyson joined hands with the scientific research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, experts of the science and technology training center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, indoor environment experts, respiratory experts of the third class hospital and the co-founder of the well-known popular science account "Hunzhi" to talk about the current situation of the indoor environment, explore effective solutions and lead Chinese consumers to create a healthier and comfortable home life. As a leading technology company in the world, Dyson has always been committed to integrating pioneer technology into products to help solve problems that are easy to be ignored. Not only continues to research and develop innovative technologies, Dyson has also been studying the home environment and real home scenes according to China's national conditions, and put forward Dyson's scientific and technological solutions. It is worth mentioning that this event presents consumers with a more intuitive immersive technology experience in the form of multi platform live broadcasting, which is also the official opening of Dyson's first live broadcasting base. As a new platform created by Dyson for close interaction with Chinese consumers and intuitive experience of Dyson technology, it is not only the first creation of Dyson in the world, but also a unique presence in the prosperous Chinese market of live broadcasting economy - integrating infrastructure and exclusive teams to maximize program production ability and interactive demonstration ability of products and technology, These resources and experiences are gathered together to provide an unprecedented channel and platform for communication with consumers.