Consumer Discretionary, Automotive May 16, 2022 04:47 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on May 16, Yadi's high-end electric vehicle brand vfly released meteor Falcon n series products. The new product has launched two versions of configuration, which are sold for 6890 yuan and 5290 yuan respectively. Meteor Falcon n series is jointly created by Porsche Design Studio and vfly design team. The design is stronger. It has carbon fiber texture, sports car hood style front face and racing style decals. It is for independent, cool and uncompromising young people. The new product is equipped with vfly high-performance wing power V8 motor with maximum torque of 65N · m, which has stronger climbing ability and more abundant kinetic energy. Front and rear hydraulic shock absorption, disc brake, front opposed cylinder disc brake and other configurations can improve the comfort of the product on bumpy roads. N series is equipped with v-smart intelligent riding system, which has carried out 20 + intelligent function iterations. Based on the "trusted AI" of spitch's on-board voice interactive product, vfly has carried out customized voice development for two rounds of riding for the new product, supports full scene AI voice assistant, and integrates navigation, music, radio, telephone and other functions. The new product has smart unlocking methods such as mobile phone remote unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, voiceprint unlocking and NFC unlocking. Smart bracelets and Siri can become keys. It can also set up a family account or share temporary keys through app or wechat. Vfly has also launched a tram type vfly l power exchange version, and conducted a pilot in Hangzhou. After that, it will continue to build an urban charging and power exchange network. The new n series products will also launch the power change version.