Automotive Jun 21, 2022 04:56 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On June 21, yiou automobile officially launched the "China weimoca dht-phev intelligent travel G318" ten thousand mile travel activity. This time, Wei Pai will challenge G318, the magic road that people yearn for when they mention it. The 318 trip starts from Hangzhou in the East, passes through Wuhan, Chengdu, Litang and Nyingchi, and ends in Lhasa in the West. It spans three-level terrain ladders with a terrain drop of 5000 meters, covering the whole scene sections of cities, suburbs, no man's land, sand, snow and so on. The vast majority of users are still "anxious" about the endurance and reliability of new energy models, which has also become another important reason for Wei brand to go 318 this time. Wei Pai hopes to show its advantages in fuel economy, vehicle performance, intelligent auxiliary acceleration and driving range through this harsh road challenge, so that users can feel "0 anxiety" when selecting dht-phev models. This time, mocha dht-phev will complete the challenge under the comprehensive difficulties of high motor power consumption, high power consumption, difficult endurance supply and complex driving sections. If all the challenges are successfully completed, the car is expected to set the world's first record for more than 20 new energy vehicles. Mocha dht-phev is the first vehicle of Wei brand to carry long-range PHEV and Noh advanced intelligent driving. It is equipped with high-performance electric 4WD, electromagnetic suspension and other configurations in 7 terrain modes, such as snow / mud / desert. It has a pure electric endurance of 204 km, a comprehensive endurance of 1000+ km, a peak torque of 762n · m, and a 100 km acceleration time of 4.8s.
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