GWM Sells over 110,000 Units Overseas from January to October

Automotive Author: Tommy Mi Nov 16, 2021 10:55 AM (GMT+8)

GWM's plan of 'going global' is well underway, following the motto of 'systematically go overseas and take root'. This means building a global search, production, supply and marketing system and taking root in various international markets.

Great Wall Automobile

From January to October, GWM sold 112,020 units overseas, which was a year-over-year increase of 114.30%. GWM sold 14,074 units overseas in October alone, which was a year-over-year increase of 30.30% and a continuous increase of sales with shares rising up to 12.60%.

The star brand of GWM, Haval, sold 9,197 units overseas in October, a year-over-year increase of 10%. Haval's newly launched 3rd Gen Haval H6 and Haval JOLION were the main contributors to the stimulated overseas market demand. While the Haval JOLION provides an easier access for car ownership for the young consumers, the 3rd Gen Haval H6 leads the market with advanced intelligent configuration, boosting the overseas sales of the brand.

GWM pickup also had great success in October with 4,475 units sold overseas, a year-over-year increase of 45.90%. Pickups sold overseas from January to October accumulated to 37,041 units, which is a year-over-year growth of 159%.