Technology, Healthcare, Financials May 19, 2022 05:05 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Heavy Pharmaceutical Holdings announced that one of the key implementation carriers of the production side of the company's traditional Chinese medicine plate is heavy pharmaceutical Jiulong. The company is a joint venture between heavy pharmaceutical shares, a holding subsidiary of the company, and Hefei Sanjiu, of which heavy pharmaceutical shares hold 49% and Hefei Sanjiu holds 51%. Using the carrier of heavy drug Jiulong and cooperating with the traditional Chinese medicine resources of China Resources Sanjiu system, we can build the production and marketing linkage system of the company's traditional Chinese medicine decoction supply chain. Zhongyao Jiulong applied for the same proportion of loans from both shareholders, with a total loan of 117.8 million yuan, including 57.72 million yuan from Zhongyao Co., Ltd. and 60.08 million yuan from Hefei China Resources Sanjiu traditional Chinese Medicine Development Co., Ltd., which were paid in installments according to the project construction and payment progress.