Low-Carbon Industry Expansion - Key Studies From Chinese Companies

Low-Carbon Industry Expansion - Key Studies From Chinese Companies

Low-Carbon Industry Expansion - Key Studies From Chinese Companies

Financials, Automotive, Consumer Staples Author: Gozde Celik May 28, 2020 12:40 PM (GMT+8)


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China stands to benefit significantly by transforming its pattern of economic activity towards low-carbon development pathways. Such a transformation is important to capitalize on new growth opportunities for low carbon technologies.


  • Solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers are highly dependent on government subsidies
  • Most of their financial decisions, including IPO decisions, are shaped based on government policies on subsidies
  • The Chinese domestic market for renewable projects is already matured, and the local companies might have more project opportunities outside of China – mostly in the developing world
  • Currently, China is one of the biggest NEV markets – in terms of both supply and demand – in which to invest
  • Like renewables, the NEV sector is also highly depended on the government subsidies; however, the subsidy cut may actually help to reduce the competition in the highly saturated domestic market – with 500 NEV companies


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Executive summary
  • 3 Low-carbon policy drivers & development in related industries
  • 4 Drivers of China’s switch to low-carbon economy
  • 5 Current industry trends
  • 6 Major players – Solar energy industry
  • 7 Major Players – Wind energy industry
  • 8 Major players – New energy vehicle industry
  • 9 The major player – State grid corporation of China
  • 10 Future challenges
  • 11 Challenges for solar and wind energy sectors
  • 12 Challenges for NEV sector
  • 13 Future opportunities
  • 14 Conclusion & key insights
  • 15 References

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