WIA2020 | New Tech Leaders 2020: Global 50

WIA2020 | New Tech Leaders 2020: Global 50

WIA2020 | New Tech Leaders 2020: Global 50

Consumer Discretionary, Technology, Financials Author: 陶艳梅 Dec 09, 2020 09:53 AM (GMT+8)




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With the ongoing pandemic and the increasing complexity of the market environment in 2020, startup companies have been facing numerous challenges worldwide. However, some companies have managed to reach a certain scale and a level of influence in their respective sectors. In this report, EqualOcean analyzes 623 private businesses that have reached the 'unicorn' status and presents a selection of 50 most promising startups.


  • The review analyzes 623 unicorn companies from an investment perspective, including their industrial distributions, geographical distributions and innovative technology applications.
  • Fifty out of 623 unicorn companies with the most development potential were selected for ranking.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 Background overview
  • 4 Overview of Global Unicorn Companies
  • 5 Global new tech leaders 50 corporate assessment dimensions
  • 6 Mapping new Tech Leaders 2020: Global 50
  • 7 Major industries analysis
  • 8 Risks and opportunities coexist in the development of new tech leaders
  • 9 Case study
  • 10 Appendix
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