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On January 4, tmall books and HowNet released the list of children's books in 2021, which covers the general list of children's books, as well as four categories: Children's literature list, picture book stick, Popular Science Encyclopedia list and young enlightenment list. This list is a collection of children's books selected by 900 million active users of tmall platform with shopping cart tickets in the past 2021. They come to children's desks through parents' shopping carts and convey the wisdom and temperature of the common growth of hundreds of millions of Chinese families under the lingering fragrance of books. Tmall books also hopes to give guidance to parents who care about their children's physical and mental growth in purchasing books through the release of this list. Among the five categories of children's books, there are many classic works of domestic children's book writers. "Happy reading bar" series edited by Professor Cao Wenxuan of Peking University, children's book writer beimao's "school notes of rice small circle" and Yang Hongying's "naughty horse jumping" have successfully entered the annual list of children's literature. These works have also successfully achieved book "breaking circle" - film and television works based on them are also deeply loved by children. In addition, there are many foreign classic children's books in the list. The top of the list is the series of Harry Potter by the famous British writer J.K. Rowling. This set of books published for more than 20 years still has countless fans. In the popular science books list, foreign classic popular science books such as DK Museum encyclopedia and magic school bus are also impressively listed.