Consumer Discretionary Sep 17, 2021 07:20 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On September 17, Yijia mobile phone announced the launch of a new camera mode - Yijia hassu xpan mode. The Yijia Hasu xpan mode is jointly adjusted by the Yijia imaging team and Hasu, so that the Yijia 9 series mobile phone can simulate the shooting experience of Hasu xpan camera, bring a photo mode with ultra wide picture ratio, and have a photography experience close to black-and-white film. The one plus Hasu xpan mode was officially updated in the afternoon of September 17. Users of the one plus 9 series (9 & 9 Pro) can update it through the OTA System on their mobile phones. In the one plus hassu xpan mode, the viewfinder interface of the mobile camera adopts a ratio of 65:24, i.e. about 2.7:1. When the user starts the one plus hassu xpan mode, the camera picture defaults to black and white color, and the user can also adjust to normal color shooting. The first jiahasu xpan mode provides two focal segments of 30mm and 45mm, of which 30mm focal segment is suitable for the recording of large scenes and scenery; 45mm focal length is more suitable for shooting streets, portraits, sketches, etc.