Communication Oct 09, 2021 02:14 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On October 8, the list of the first 50 enterprises shortlisted in the "2021 category star" selection activity was officially announced. The event was jointly organized by beagle, a global business innovation platform with category innovation as the core concept, together with Reese strategic consulting and cliff positioning Institute. It aims to find new brands with special performance in category innovation, create segment tracks, develop potential markets and create new customers. Beagle conducts market research according to category innovation theory, and will launch a total of 100 excellent cases of category innovation, which will be comprehensively evaluated by the organizing committee from five dimensions: category scale, innovation, consumer cognition, consumer demand and social trend. The selected brands will be displayed in the public awareness review area of "Beagle app" in the form of video. The final results of the "2021 category star" selection will be announced at the "embracing the era of Subversion - 2021 category Innovation Conference" held by Harvard technology center of Great Wall Motors in Baoding, Hebei Province on November 21 this year. At that time, in addition to presenting awards to the winners on the list, the brands on the list will also be invited to share brand stories. Nowadays, we are in an era of information explosion, and more and more media are getting information, but the content is becoming more and more dusting and foaming, which makes it more and more difficult to get valuable information. People need a professional platform to enhance access to valuable information. In this context, the "little hound", which focuses on the commercial content track and aims to build the world's largest commercial innovative content platform, was officially born.