Communication Sep 24, 2021 04:08 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Tiktok tiktok master summit was held in Hangzhou in September 24th. The summit reviewed the development of the master master in the past year, demonstrated the important value of the 2021 people in the interest of the electricity supplier, and announced the long-term support plan for the platform. Tiktok tiktok President Wei Wenwen said at the meeting that the master of electricity providers is a business that is worth investing in. It plays an indispensable role in the ecology of the voice and electricity supplier, and can connect the platform, users and businesses. Tiktok will be master of UP, UP and UP in the coming year to help every business master's business. Tiktok tiktok master has always attached great importance to the ecology of the electricity supplier master, and constantly improved the platform's ecological capabilities such as products and gameplay. It has formed a situation of diversified development of daring people, MCN institutions, star brokerage companies, selected Alliance Service Providers, and vibrant business providers. Among them. Tiktok is the new content marketing main body. It plays an important role in the mission of the master's voice and electronic business platform, which is "no hard sell, good quality and good life, and the best way to get a better life". According to Wei Wenwen, from January to August 2021, there were 43 million live broadcasts of e-commerce talents, and the average number of short videos released per month exceeded 100 million, realizing the in-depth connection between the platform and users. Meanwhile, as an important role in connecting users and a better life, e-commerce experts watched 35.3 billion + live broadcasts and 84.4 billion + interactive content per month from January to August 2021.