Communication Jul 16, 2021 03:20 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
With the summer vacation coming, this year's graduation season has come to an end. On July 13, station B released the data report of graduation season of BiliBili in 2021. The data shows that there are 450 million views on graduation related topics in website B; Graduation related videos were played more than 280 million times. There are more than 15.08 million times of Bi's works released in station B. The contents that college students discuss and pay more attention to on the website mainly focus on graduation design, graduation photos, graduation ceremony, graduation travel and so on. In 2021, graduates will publish more than 4000 graduation projects in station B. Among them, the most released works are animation, film and television and game design. This year, the three most coin winning works are: the animated short film Wan Hua Jing, which depicts the beauty of ethnic cultural diversity with the impression of 56 ethnic groups in China; The short film of game design work "Beijing Opera facebook game function display" is used to learn the knowledge of Beijing Opera Facebook in DIY through the form of Beijing Opera Facebook big change; The short 3D animation design film "lion camel ridge" restores the eight hundred mile lion camel ridge in mind and presents a gift to all those who love to travel to the West. Graduates are not only keen on traditional culture, but also integrate thinking and perception into their works. The original animation "red silk" takes the "stick head puppet show" in Lingnan culture as the theme, and composes a strong love between grandparents and grandchildren; The game demo "Chaoge" plays the unique beauty of national style music in the form of music tour; The frame by frame animation "self separation" with the theme of caring for pregnant women aims at the neglected "dignity of women's delivery room".