Communication Nov 19, 2020 02:46 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On November 19, Carson block, the founder of muddy water, said on Wednesday that he was selling air stocks for a happy time. In the era of reunion, the stock price fell by nearly 30% at one time. Muddy water said in a brief report that the survey showed that about 90% of YY live broadcasting was fraud and was a fake ecosystem. The income of high-income live performers is only a small part of the total report. In addition, the international live broadcasting business bigo in the era of reunion is as fake as YY live broadcasting. Huanju fell nearly 30% at one time, breaking the intraday low since mid June to $70.60 and now trading at $76.44. According to previous news, baidu official announced that it was making internal organizational adjustment after the acquisition of YY, and that Baidu vice president Cao Xiaodong would be responsible for Pan knowledge, pan service and pan entertainment live broadcasting business.