Is Bilibili the Next YouTube in China?

Is Bilibili the Next YouTube in China?

Is Bilibili the Next YouTube in China?

Communication Author: Huicong Yi Aug 28, 2020 11:55 PM (GMT+8)


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As content generalizes and platform continuously breaks its circle, BILI is going towards to becoming YouTube in China. However, confronted with the strategy of breaking circle, community culture is also a barrier for BILI.


  • BILI has the largest video producer community in China
  • Incentive system of BILI have had a head start over most of their competitors in China
  • The offline activities and business development connection between BILI and the video producer are tighter
  • Backed by Ali and Tencent simultaneously, which provides a good investor relationship


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 What is BILI?
  • 3 User profile of BILI
  • 4 Bulls and Bears
  • 5 Is BILI’s growth logic solid?
  • 6 Other possibilities
  • 7 The moat
  • 8 Is BILI the next YouTube in China?

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