Zhejiang Lanxi and Brazilian Jundiaí Forge New Chapter in Sister City Partnership

Communication Author: EqualOcean News Apr 26, 2024 02:07 AM (GMT+8)

Recently, Lanxi City in the central-west region of Zhejiang Province in China and the economically prosperous city of Jundiaí in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, have jointly embarked on a new chapter of sister city cooperation by officially signing a memorandum of understanding. This initiative not only builds a new bridge for economic and trade exchanges between the two cities but also opens up new avenues for cooperation in strategic areas such as innovation, technology, and culture.

At the signing ceremony, Mayor Luiz Fernando Machado of Jundiaí expressed that the signing of this cooperation agreement presents a unique opportunity for both parties to strengthen their ties and explore various possibilities for cooperation between their cities. He emphasized the importance of pursuing mutually beneficial and effective actions to jointly write a new chapter in sister city cooperation.

Lanxi’s Vice Mayor Liu Weidong also expressed high expectations and enthusiasm for the cooperation. He thanked Jundiaí for the sincere and warm welcome during the signing process and stated that this collaboration will strengthen the ties between the two cities, explore more cooperation opportunities, and jointly promote economic and social development.

Accompanying Mayor Luiz Fernando at the signing ceremony, officials from the Jundiaí City government, including Gustavo Maryssael (Casa Civil) and Sami Mansour (Economic Development, Science, and Technology), also expressed positive views on the collaboration. Maryssael pointed out that Jundiaí, as an economically prosperous city, is delighted to establish a sister city relationship with Lanxi and looks forward to exploring more cooperation opportunities in the future. Mansour reviewed Jundiaí’s achievements on the path of internationalization since 2017 and emphasized the city’s international recognition. He stated that the signing of this agreement marks an important milestone in the history of Jundiaí and Lanxi, believing that this partnership will bring mutually beneficial results and further strengthen economic and cultural ties between the two cities.

It is worth mentioning that Jundiaí has extensive experience in sister city cooperation. Previously, the city has established sister city relationships with Taian City in Shandong Province, Rugao City in Jiangsu Province, and Gaoyou City in Jiangsu Province in China. These successful cooperation experiences will undoubtedly provide valuable references for the friendly cooperation between Lanxi and Jundiaí.

The signing of this memorandum of cooperation marks the beginning of deep cooperation between Lanxi and Jundiaí in various fields, jointly promoting the economic and social development of both cities. In the future, the two cities will explore more cooperation opportunities in areas such as innovation, technology, and culture, jointly writing a new chapter in sister city cooperation.

The signing of this memorandum of understanding not only symbolizes the friendly relations between the two cities but also represents their firm confidence and expectations for future cooperation. Through strengthened exchanges and cooperation, Lanxi and Jundiaí are expected to achieve even more fruitful results in various fields such as economy and trade, culture, and others, injecting new vitality into the friendly relations between the two countries.

Photo Source: Jundiay City Hall