Automotive Apr 28, 2022 12:15 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on April 28, ziyoujia automobile announced today that its first product ziyoujia NV is equipped with aad (advanced auxiliary driving system) as standard, with L2 + auxiliary driving ability. The system is based on the horizon journey ® 2 chip, horizon matrix ® Mono monocular visual perception scheme, including 1 forward-looking camera and 5 millimeter wave radars, provides 24 functions including AEB, ACC, LCC, LCA, BSD and APA, which can be used at the time of delivery. Since the third quarter of 2023, Youjia NV will support the full range of hardware to be upgraded to SuperDrive AAD, and its SuperDrive aad supercomputing platform has built-in two horizon journeys ® 5 chip, AI computing power increased to 256 tops, achieving more than 64 times the performance improvement. The new system will be equipped with two 8 million pixel front view HD cameras, four look around cameras, four side view cameras, one rear view camera and one driver perception camera, and equipped with five millimeter wave radars. The interface meeting Gigabit Ethernet communication and high computing power integrated domain controller is embedded in the new car, which makes it possible for the subsequent comprehensive hardware upgrade of auxiliary driving system. In the future, the vehicle can realize the high-speed transmission of data inside and outside the vehicle, and provide real-time high-speed data support for subsequent controllers and sensors. After the hardware payment upgrade, the new car can realize the NOA (pilot assisted driving) function on high-speed and urban roads, as well as the multi scene full-automatic parking function.