Automotive Apr 25, 2022 04:38 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on April 25, Nissan announced the research and development progress of new driving assistance technology today. The new technology can effectively reduce accidents and improve the level of automatic driving by using the highly accurate and real-time vehicle surrounding environment information perception system. Nissan's "road live perception" technology integrates the information perceived by the next generation of high-performance lidar, radar and camera, and can detect the shape and distance of the target and the spatial structure of the surrounding area of the vehicle. Using this information, the vehicle can quickly analyze the current situation and automatically perform the operation of avoiding collision. At the same time, the technology can also detect the distant deceleration traffic flow and road obstacles, and automatically change the lane. In the absence of detailed map information, this technology can still provide auxiliary driving support for drivers. Through cooperation with luminar, Nissan integrates the next generation lidar into Nissan's auxiliary driving system with leading technology. In addition, Nissan is cooperating with applied intuition2 in developing high-precision verification technology in a digital environment. According to the "Nissan 2030 vision", Nissan is using the next generation lidar to develop vehicle control technology, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Nissan believes that in the era of automatic driving, assisted driving technology that can avoid complex traffic accidents will be indispensable. Nissan plans to complete the development of road reality sensing technology in the mid-2020's and plan to apply it to all its new models by fiscal 2030.