Industrials Jan 20, 2022 04:37 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On January 18, superstar intelligent held the first offline conference of novagro intelligent agricultural machinery in super factory. This new product focuses on the driverless characteristics of intelligent agricultural machinery and focuses on showing the intelligent transformation achievements of traditional agricultural machinery, so as to supplement the shortcomings of agricultural machinery equipment, overcome the difficulties of key technologies with new agricultural science and technology, and implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy. Yu dehu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of Shandong University of architecture, Sheng Xia, deputy secretary of the Shandong provincial Party committee of the Communist Youth League, Kang Jianming, vice president of Shandong Academy of agricultural machinery Sciences, he Qin, President of the school of mechanical and electrical engineering of Shandong University of Architecture, Yao chengling, chairman of Shandong Chaoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and other leading experts attended the intelligent agricultural machinery press conference. Yao chengling, chairman of superstar intelligence, mentioned at the meeting that the new intelligent tractor launched by superstar intelligence is a great leap from traditional agricultural equipment to intelligent agricultural equipment, and also marks that superstar intelligent agricultural machinery products begin to tend to be comprehensive and multi-level. After that, Yu dehu, President of Shandong University of architecture, delivered a wonderful speech at the new product launch. From the perspective of scientific and technological resource reserve and strategic cooperation between the two sides, I strongly appreciate and agree with the new intelligent agricultural machinery launched by superstar intelligence, and hope that superstar intelligence and Shandong University of architecture can further cooperate in the intellectualization of agricultural equipment. On the basis of meeting the common demands, jointly carry out scientific research and talent training projects, jointly build laboratories and modern industrial colleges, and jointly promote the construction of innovation platform, so as to achieve the goal of improving the scientific and technological level of agricultural machinery.