Industrials Nov 26, 2021 01:47 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Official documents are normative documents for government and enterprise units to implement leadership, perform functions and handle official business. There is an urgent need to solve the phenomena of "chaos, slowness and complexity" behind the four pain points of public affairs, upgrade the digitization of official document management, make document handling more efficient and help the organization better operation and management. Lanling's new official document management platform supports the electronic management of the whole process of official documents of enterprises and institutions, covering the internal and cross organizational sending, receiving and exchange of 15 kinds of official documents; It is flexible, convenient, powerful and safe to ensure the efficient cooperation between departments. The functions include: ① rich data standards and templates, standardized and convenient online drafting; ② Ofd signature and PDF signature, online seal is labor-saving and worry-saving; ③ Xinchuang is suitable for military industry, and the circulation of official documents is safe and reliable; ④ Document transfer topics and supervision, and the implementation of systems and regulations is guaranteed; ⑤ Mobile document handling and multidimensional statistics, efficient and flexible signing and approval of the whole line Service cases include: Guosen Securities: build Xinchuang electronic document system, promote the efficient circulation of documents and help the efficient development of collaborative office. Sichuan University: support the circulation of various official documents such as Party committee, administration and secondary units in the University, realize the full cycle management of sending, receiving, signing and document exchange, and help the construction of smart universities. CITIC Construction: implement 27 official document processes in four categories: company message, business unit message, company receipt and rules and regulations to promote comprehensive digital management of official documents. It is understood that Lanling digital ecological OA platform not only supports the digital upgrading of document management, but also helps enterprises implement comprehensive digital management such as process, meeting, system, personnel and contract, so as to make the digital transformation of enterprises more efficient.