Automotive Nov 20, 2021 12:47 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On November 19, salon brand landed at 2021 Guangzhou auto show with its first high-performance mecha battle running "mecha dragon". "Mecha dragon" made its debut, launched the global limited edition model and opened the reservation. The price of the limited edition model is 488000 yuan, with a limit of 101 sets. By 13:38:51, all 101 limited edition bookings had been sold out. The model adopts the pioneer mechanical aesthetic design concept, the front face adopts the combat design, and uses the 160 ° golden angle mechanical geometric structure. The side lines of the body outline the mechanical combat posture through sharp lines. The tail of the model is the first to be equipped with intelligent tail lights with mini led external display screen technology, and the wheel hub is 20 inch dark night carbon black double five pattern. In terms of intelligent technology, the salon machine Jialong is equipped with four lidars to achieve 360 ° full view coverage of lidar. At the same time, it is also equipped with 38 intelligent sensing elements. With the support of Captain pilot's intelligent driving system, the salon mechatron can also realize the end-to-end intelligent assisted driving of the whole scene of "high speed + city + parking + interconnection", so that users can "liberate their hands" anytime and anywhere. In terms of intelligent cockpit, the new car is equipped with a Qualcomm high-performance 8155 chip, DMS + OMS dual in car cameras, four independent sound zones and seven screen interaction. In addition, the salon mecha dragon can also have a 100 kilometer acceleration of 3.7 seconds, a braking distance of 33 meters and a range of 802 kilometers.
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