Communication Aug 31, 2021 02:25 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Buying stationery, choosing books, changing new clothes... Recently, many parents and students have prepared tiktok for the new business. August 24th -9 10, the IP marketing campaign of the voice and electricity supplier mother and baby industry, "shake in baby program" again opened, on-line "baby ease season" activities, the platform seize the "opening season" this important marketing node, play the "in baby plan" IP energy advantage, through the tiktok direct broadcast room, the theme broadcast room, the live broadcast contest, short video topic challenge competition and so on multiple play. While exploring new possibilities for the growth of mother and child business, meet the new shopping needs of students and parents at the beginning of school. The next theme live broadcast room of "baby school season" will also welcome star parents such as Fang Qiong and Bao Wenjing, and relay broadcast of postgraduate entrance examination proposition experts such as Zhang Xuefeng. The live broadcasting room will cover the first new school products of all categories, online toys, supplies, supplementary food, online education products and other theme days. Among them, in the toy theme day of "Dou is a big player" on September 2, a number of good products jointly signed by Xiaohuang people's IP will enter the direct broadcasting room of merchants and talents. In the process of "in baby plan", the innovative business of marketing is playing a more and more important role in the process of innovation and marketing. The voice business is digging deeper opportunities for mother and baby race, and it will create more possibilities for promoting sustainable growth of the tiktok industry.