Consumer Discretionary Jan 07, 2021 05:46 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the digital life service platform hummingbird Youxiang has released a new brand image: in terms of visual presentation, the new brand design simplifies the lines of hummingbird modeling, making the overall image more simple and flexible. In the background, some restrictive abstract elements such as the sun and birdcage are added, while the hummingbird breaks through the restriction of the circle, which means breaking through the Convention and the bondage. This is also in line with the value orientation of hummingbird Youxiang: breaking through the information barriers of different platforms and providing users with more diverse and free choices. The brand upgrade boldly changed the main color of the brand. The period red released by Pantone, an international color organization, was selected as the main color. The use of warm color conveyed the concept of hummingbird enjoyment, providing warm and enthusiastic service all the time, while integrating vitality and adventure spirit. It is understood that the digital life platform and the double hummingbird service are being upgraded. On the one hand, increase R & D investment, accelerate the upgrade iteration of APP products, optimize product functions, and improve user experience. On the other hand, hummingbird Youxiang takes the user as the center, optimizes and upgrades the customer service system of the platform, and strengthens the contact and communication with users. Xu Ming, CEO of hummingbird Youxiang, told reporters, "in the future, hummingbird Youxiang should do three things well: create a platform to make users' life better; create a membership card to make members' rights and interests more valuable; use big data flexibly to make users enjoy more."