Aier Ophthalmology Reports Net Profit of CNY 1.29Bn in H1 2022

Consumer Discretionary Author: Yifei Liu Aug 25, 2022 05:19 PM (GMT+8)

Aier Ophthalmology announces first half of 2022 results.


Aier Ophthalmology (Chinese: 爱尔眼科, 300015:SZ) announced 2022 semi-annual report on August 24, first-half revenue of CNY 8.107 billion (USD 1.18 billion), an increase of 10.34% year-on-year.

Aier Ophthalmology half-year revenue and net profit have maintained growth trends. Most of the other years’ half-year revenue growth rate reaches more than 20% except that H1 2020 fell 12.32% year-on-year, while the latest semi-annual report is less than 20%.

Aier Ophthalmology introduced that the main reasons for the first half growth include the promotion of medical science, the residents of eye health awareness gradually enhanced, medical consumption steadily upgraded, the company's brand influence continues to improve and the scale of operations and talent team continues to expand.

During the reporting period, Aier Ophthalmology had 5.541 million outpatient visits, up 15.67% year-on-year; 449,900 surgeries, up 9.74% year-on-year; and operating profit of CNY 1.932 billion, up 11.07% year-on-year.

In terms of business segments, the refractive program had revenue of CNY 3.438 billion in the first half of the year, up 20.85% year-on-year. In other business segments, the posterior segment and optometric services maintained positive revenue growth in the first half of the year, with optometric services revenue of CNY 1.763 billion, up 15.67% year-on-year, following the refractive program. Cataracts, the anterior segment of the eye and other projects had negative year-over-year growth.

As of press time, the company closed at CNY 28.5 apiece with a market cap of CNY 200.7billion.