Kuaishou E-Commerce Unveils New Initiative to Help its Merchants

Consumer Staples Author: Tommy Mi Mar 28, 2022 03:11 PM (GMT+8)

The "Warm Spring Plan" will significantly alleviate logistics pressures on merchants amidst the pandemic.

Kwai Fu

The initiative is called "Warm Spring Plan", which is an attempt to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on Kuaishou's e-commerce merchants. Per Pandaily the plan includes five areas that will receive support. The areas are: traffic, supplies, activities, policies, and products.

For traffic, Kuaishou is helping its merchant to increase their media exposure by driving more traffic to merchants' channels. Ten of thousands of streamers today enjoy the traffic support by Kuaishou.

As for supplies, Kuaishou e-commerce introduced new categories to ease the logistics pressures on merchants. Kuaishou stated that the local catering services increased by 145% month-on-month in March, and the company has since drive more than 3,000 live streamers to sell virtual goods with the issuance official subsidies.

Kuaishou e-commerce, through its "Real Good Things Festival" from March 23 to 31, is hoping to create a better business environment. The festival includes top live streamers and products sales in various categories. Streamers who incorporate public welfare livestreaming for key epidemic areas will be supported by the e-commerce platform with marketing and exposure.

Kuaishou e-commerce temporarily adjusted its delivery and after-sales policies to help merchants cope with the effects of the pandemic on logistic issues. In cases such as a customer who lives in an epidemic area orders a physical item, the platform will not impose negative punishments for abnormal collection rate and delivery rate.

Finally, the platform is launching a series of measures to reduce the logistics operation cost of merchants on Kuaishou e-commerce during the pandemic.