Ximalaya Has Diversified the Audio Ecosystem

Communication Author: Ruizhi Cheng Editor: Luke Sheehan Oct 24, 2020 08:37 AM (GMT+8)

After 8 years, Ximalaya has broadened the audio industry by enriching the content on the platform. Ximalaya will probably become the dominant player in this market in the near future.

The way listening to radio has changed. Image credit: Levent Simsek/ Pexels

Ximalaya will celebrate its eighth birthday in 2020. As a pioneer and practitioner of the 'listening economy,' Ximalaya has diversified the audio industry and built an audio ecosystem where people are encouraged to share content.

Since the rise of the 'listening economy' the new profession of the audio anchor has become a normal part of musical culture online. In the past eight years, the number of anchors on Ximalaya has come to exceed 10 million – their real life vocations range from product managers to housewives. This year's COVID-19 has brought more and more people onto Ximalaya. They share knowledge, interests and experiences – ultimately seeking emotional companionship on the platform. The development of audio novels, radio dramas, paid listening courses and other products on Ximalaya has provided users with novel ways of entertainment and learning. Because of this colorful content, the time spent on Ximalaya has greatly increased.

Jianjun Yu, the founder of Ximalaya, said that Ximalaya will continue providing good voice and qualified content for users to satisfy their personal needs through technology. On the other hand, Ximalaya will provide innovative products and business service models for host broadcasting, together to build an audio content model and promote the rapid development of the new online economy.