Automotive Jun 28, 2022 01:46 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou auto reported on June 28. Today, the flight rental travel united with Xingyi cinema to release the news that the two sides have reached strategic cooperation. The two sides have gathered their own resources to launch the activity of "enjoying movie viewing and driving", which mainly promotes the member privilege of "renting a car + watching movies, enjoying both discounts". Users will also enjoy the rights and interests of flying rental travel members, as well as the preferential rights and interests of 129 Xingyi studios across the country. This cooperation is the first time that Xingyi cinema has customized the special viewing rights and interests for its partners, and it is also the first special viewing benefit launched by the flying rental travel member business, which has expanded its membership rights and interests and broadened its membership ecology. Flying rental travel focuses on the field of new energy vehicle travel and rental and sales services. At present, it has carried out business layout in more than 200 cities in 30 provinces across the country, and has rich experience in digital travel, digital intelligence operation and full scene marketing strategy. At the initial stage of the cooperation, the two sides established a marketing matrix online by opening up the membership system, using wechat official account, enterprise wechat community, small programs, etc. offline, Xingyi cinema used positional resources for publicity support to attract users for efficient transformation; Flying rental travel provides large travel packages for both members, and also provides customized travel services to meet members' car use needs in different scenarios, so as to provide an innovative revenue model for Xingyi cinema with the layout of "members + travel", which is also in line with the strategy of Xingyi cinema to demand non box office revenue.