Automotive Jun 20, 2022 04:31 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on June 20, Youdao Zhitu announced that after two months of "race" with the epidemic, its L4 smart heavy truck Donghai Bridge queue "downsizing" operation test will be officially launched. This is the first "downsizing" intelligent driving on open roads in China. In 2020, Youdao Zhitu's 5g+l4 smart heavy truck has realized quasi commercial operation in Donghai Bridge, and has become the first project in China to realize quasi commercial operation under real business scenarios. Up to now, it has completed a total of 82000 TEU transshipment business, with a real operating mileage of nearly 2.4 million km. It has opened up the whole business chain process between "smart cars, fleet management, logistics scheduling and port operation", and realized the full process automated cargo transportation quasi commercial operation between the logistics Park of deep-water port - Donghai Bridge - Yangshan Port automated wharf. Based on the driving performance and formation stability of the intelligent heavy truck queue, the "downsizing" operation test of the Donghai Bridge will carry out the technical verification of no safety officer on the road in the real scene according to the phased test of "no main driver, no co driver" → "no co driver, no back seat" → "no person in the car, no supervision outside the car". It is expected that by the end of the year, Complete the "downsizing" operation test of Donghai Bridge queue following. At that time, the commercialization of autonomous driving will really enter a substantial "unmanned" stage.