Consumer Staples Jun 27, 2022 11:41 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Zhongmin online was founded by Zhongmin online (Xiamen) e-commerce Co., Ltd., which is engaged in e-commerce agency services, supply chain, system construction and operation. Since its establishment in 2014, it has more than 100 first-class authorized brands and more than 300 various brand authorizations. It is an integrated supplier of domestic leading banks, airlines, operators, enterprises and institutions. Its self-supporting platform and online products of banks reach more than 20000. According to the market survey of Zhongmin online, the average exchange rate of domestic enterprises' points is only 15%, and the unsuccessful operation of the points system will lead to stickiness and innovation between enterprises and users, and lose more opportunities to tap users' purchase again. Except that domestic enterprises will use the points system to increase user stickiness, operators will take 3% of the turnover every year as points feedback; The proportion of integral feedback in the aviation industry is as high as 8%~10%; There are also 1 ‰ ~2 ‰ bank credit cards, and the scale of the points market is very huge. Based on this situation, Zhongmin online launched the points project. In short, it is to quickly gather users and commodities from various industries with "points" as the link, forming a certain scale effect. China Fujian online will realize the interconnection of points, users and commodities through technical linkage, and create a new ecology of points consumption. It not only provides enterprises with multi-dimensional solutions for user drainage, user stickiness, commodity sales and flow realization, but also provides users with multi platform, multi scenario and multi category points exchange and payment services to meet users' points consumption needs in daily life scenarios.