Technology, Healthcare Jun 21, 2022 08:25 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
According to the wechat official account "Minhang today", according to the relevant national and municipal regulations on epidemic prevention and control, temporary control measures are implemented in the relevant areas of Qibao town. During the control period, non essential personnel flow is suspended and comprehensive screening of personnel and environment is carried out. The specific measures are as follows: 1. the first and second neighborhoods of HANGHUA fourth village are controlled according to the published medium risk areas. All the personnel in the area do not leave home and conduct nucleic acid detection once a day. 2. the enclosed areas of outer ring expressway, Wuzhong Road, beihengjing and Shanghai Chongqing Expressway implement 7-day closed management +7-day home health monitoring. During the 7-day closed management period, all personnel in the area stayed indoors and performed nucleic acid detection once a day. During the 7-day home health monitoring, all personnel in the area shall not leave the community to avoid gathering. Nucleic acid detection shall be carried out at least once every 72 hours. During the control period, the enterprises, institutions and commercial outlets in the enclosed area will stop their office operations. The starting time of this control in this area: 0:00 on June 21. 3. Qibao town carried out nucleic acid screening for the whole staff for three consecutive days from June 20 to 22. During this period, we will strictly implement prevention and control measures, fully guarantee the living needs of citizens, refine services, and strengthen care for special groups. If you have any service needs, please contact the neighborhood committee or Street staff. Subsequently, the control measures in the enclosed area will be dynamically adjusted according to the development of the epidemic situation.
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