Consumer Staples, Financials May 16, 2022 07:30 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The economic daily article pointed out that in this year's annual report disclosure season, more and more independent directors dare to say "no". On the one hand, the promotion of the sense of responsibility of independent directors is conducive to improving the performance level of independent directors and giving better play to the advantages of the independent director system; On the other hand, this will urge listed companies to improve the quality of annual reports and disclose information on time and quality. At the same time, the "non fidelity" opinion of the independent director can be used as an alternative risk disclosure, so that some underperforming companies that whitewash their financial reports can appear, and help investors more clearly understand the real situation of the company and make rational investment judgments. Independent directors should dare to say "no", but they should not stop at saying "no". We should have a clear understanding of our responsibilities, actively participate in the governance of listed companies, make use of professional advantages to improve the decision-making and management level of the board of directors, and play a role in promoting information disclosure and standardizing the operation of listed companies. We should have the courage to vote against some unreasonable and important matters of listed companies and express independent opinions with a clear-cut stand.
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