Technology, Consumer Staples, Healthcare Apr 25, 2022 08:26 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
"Buy in the second quarter, harvest in the third quarter, is a high probability." After trading on April 25, Chen Guo, managing director and chief strategy officer of CSC securities, made the above judgment. In Chen Guo's opinion, the probability is that the second quarter is the bottom of the profit, and the probability is that the Fed's efforts to increase interest rates and shrink the table are the largest in the second quarter (May and June), while the subsequent domestic demand for steady growth continues to rise, the possible marginal improvement of the liquidity environment is a high probability, and the marginal improvement of epidemic expectation and risk preference is also a high probability. Therefore, in terms of low-level layout, Chen Guo expects that the first most probable event is that the epidemic situation will always improve. Therefore, the direction of damage and repair of the epidemic is worth considering. When the stock is pessimistic, we should make layout and have opportunities to make money. "Another high probability event is that steady growth will increase, especially after the epidemic control, whether it is the first priority or not, is an important matter." Chen Guo further said that the greater the increase in steady growth, the greater the elasticity of economic recovery in the third quarter.
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