Automotive Jan 04, 2022 12:28 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On January 4, 2022, global luxury car brands Volvo cars and JD logistics announced that the national after-sales supply chain integration project jointly built by the two sides was officially launched. As a phased achievement of the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two sides in August 2021, the project will become the first integrated supply chain project jointly built by luxury car brands and new logistics formats in the industry. The goal is to bring Volvo users a more efficient, convenient and transparent after-sales service experience. Volvo car's new warehousing project upgraded the original 4 warehouses into 8 warehouses, and re differentiated the warehousing responsibilities. Based on big data and according to the characteristics and sales frequency of different accessories, both parties set up front fast flow warehouse, fast middle flow warehouse and slow flow warehouse, so that Volvo can flexibly arrange the delivery of nearby warehouses according to user needs, and the arrival of dealers' accessories will be more efficient. It is estimated that the new warehouse network structure is expected to promote the distribution cycle of more than 30% of dealers. The new big data intelligent operation replenishment model will also improve the fine management of Volvo car's after-sales supply chain. Based on the characteristics of auto parts, the distribution, inventory structure and inventory parameters of SKU (basic inventory unit) are set through simulation; According to Volvo's past historical data, the intelligent operation replenishment model built with big data can calculate the demand, supply, replenishment and balance plans of each node of the supply chain, improve operation management and reduce inventory cycle and cost.
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