JD Logistics Invests CNY 1 Billion to Reach Sustainability Goal in the Next Five Years

Industrials Author: Tommy Mi Oct 18, 2021 12:40 PM (GMT+8)

JD Logistics is one of the leading companies in bringing sustainability to the logistics industry. With CNY 1 billion invested, the company looks to build on and improve its existing green initiatives.

Carbon footprint

At the online Global Smart Supply Chain Summit (GSSC) today, JD Logistics announced that it will invest CNY one billion to help build a green and low-carbon integrated supply chain, increasing the company's carbon efficiency by 35% in the next five years.

JD Logistics also aims to promote the use of recycle packaging, deploy clean-energy vehicles in key cities in China and digitalize the management of supply chain of the company. By incorporating sustainability into the company's operations, JD Logistics is looking to reduce its total carbon emission by 50% by 2030 comparing to its carbon emission in 2019.

In addition, JD Logistics is opening laboratories as incubators for projects and innovations regarding renewable energy and materials.

JD Logistics launched the 'Qingliu Operations' back in June 2017. The goals of the operation were to reduce packaging, promote application of green technology and reduce carbon footprints. Since the installment of 'Qingliu Operations', JD Logistics has deployed clean-energy vehicles in over 50 cities in China, each reducing approximately 120 thousand tons of carbon footprints per year. By the end of 2020, JD Logistics led the entire logistics industry to reduce around 10 billion disposable packaging since the induction of 'Qingliu'.

JD Logistics is the first domestic logistics company to achieve the goals of the Scientific Carbon Target Initiative (SVTi). The company has also used more new energy vehicles, more renewable energy and environmental protection materials and introduced green environmental protection measures.