Industrials Jan 02, 2022 09:08 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
1. The 2022 international consumer electronics exhibition will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 5 to 8, that is, from next Wednesday to Saturday. 2. Next Monday, a shares will be closed for one day due to the new year's Day holiday, and the North Trading of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be closed. The London Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange of Japan are closed for one day due to the new year's Day holiday. 3. Next Tuesday, China's Caixin manufacturing PMI in December will be announced, which is estimated to be 50, compared with the previous value of 49.9; Next Thursday, China's December Caixin service PMI announced that it was estimated to be 51.9, compared with the previous value of 52.1. 4. Next week, 700 billion yuan of reverse repo will expire in the central bank's open market. Due to the postponement of the new year's Day holiday, 270 billion yuan will expire on the first trading day (January 4) in 2022, and 210 billion yuan, 110 billion yuan and 110 billion yuan will expire from January 5 to 7 respectively. 5. Eight new shares will be issued next week (from January 4 to January 7), including 2 on the science and innovation board, 1 on the Shenzhen main board, 4 on the gem and 1 on the Beijing stock exchange. In the specific schedule, the subscription will be concentrated on Tuesday (January 4) next week. On the same day, you can apply for four stocks: Xinghui environmental materials, Maiwei biology, Aojie technology and Hujiang materials; On Wednesday (January 5), you can apply for Jiayuan technology, Deshi shares and Bank of Lanzhou; On Thursday (January 6), you can apply for Yike food. 6. The scale of lifting the ban next week is not large. The number of restricted shares is only 3.369 billion, with a market value of about 43.38 billion yuan. Only one company with a market value of more than 10 billion yuan has been lifted. The number of shares lifted this time is 80229300, with a market value of about 10.157 billion yuan. The listing and circulation date is January 4, 2022. 7. Next Thursday, the Fed will release the minutes of last month's monetary policy meeting, and several officials will make public speeches, including the 2022 FOMC voting Committee and St. Louis Fed chairman Brad. 8. Next Friday, the U.S. non-agricultural employment data after the quarterly adjustment in December will be released. It is estimated that 400000 people will be added, compared with the previous value of 210000. 9. The 24th ministerial meeting of OPEC and non OPEC oil producing countries will be held next Tuesday. Analysts said that as the oil price hovers around $80, OPEC + may adhere to the current plan to increase production by 400000 barrels per day a month at its meeting on January 4. 10. The EU will release the eurozone PPI in November next Thursday and the eurozone CPI and industrial climate index in December on Friday. At present, the European energy crisis continues to push up inflation in the eurozone and lead to the shutdown of some high-energy consuming industrial enterprises. The relevant data in December may be reflected. 11. Next week, BHP Billiton, Chinalco, wobolian, 3b home and other companies will release financial reports.
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