Technology Dec 30, 2021 08:19 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, December 30 - the National Spring Festival transportation teleconference in 2022 was held in Beijing. The meeting stressed that the Spring Festival transportation is the Spring Festival transportation of the broad masses of the people, and efforts should be made to solve the urgent and difficult problems and expectations in the travel of the masses. First, strengthen safe and orderly flow. Scientifically and accurately do a good job in zoning and classified travel management, ensure the safe and orderly flow of personnel while implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, prevent "one size fits all" and reduce the impact on people's production and life. Second, effectively improve the ability of nucleic acid detection. Deploy and arrange nucleic acid detection services in large and medium-sized cities in advance to meet the needs of the masses by adding detection points, prolonging detection time and improving detection efficiency. Third, solve the problems in mass travel. Strengthen the supply of transport capacity of key periods and hot lines, facilitate connection and transfer, implement the national "one yard pass" of health code, and reduce personnel gathering. Fourth, do a good job in removing road congestion and ensuring smooth traffic. Strengthen the road network monitoring, dispatching and emergency disposal of important transportation channels, key nodes and congested bottleneck sections. Optimize the setting of epidemic prevention inspection stations to avoid "blocking due to inspection".
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