Bilibili Releases 2023 ESG Report where Contents Stand at the Core

Communication Author: EqualOcean News, Jiahui Liao Editor: Yiru Qian Apr 10, 2024 05:38 PM (GMT+8)

Over 200 million users engage in learning, over 3 million content creators earn income on Bilibili.


With over 200 million users engaging in learning activities and over 3 million content creators earning income, Bilibili recently released its "2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report" (ESG Report). The report extensively details the platform's value creation in community governance, creator empowerment, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability over the past year, demonstrating the company's long-term commitment to sustainable development.

As one of the most prominent platforms for the younger demographic, Bilibili is dedicated to providing users with diverse, high-quality, and engaging video content. Throughout 2023, the platform saw an average daily usage time of 97 minutes per user and an average daily video playback of 4.3 billion.

Educational content ranks among the most favored video types on Bilibili. In the past year, over 200 million users engaged in learning activities on the platform, with 2.17 million content creators contributing to educational content. Additionally, 645 professors and scholars have joined the platform. The platform hosts over 8.5 million science and technology educational videos, attracting over 13 million daily viewers. "Learning on Bilibili" has become a trend among the younger generation.

While fostering a flourishing content ecosystem, Bilibili has actively pursued AI technological innovation. The company introduced its independently developed Index language model, applying it across various product scenarios and functionalities, including AI search assistants, AI video assistants, AI voice generation, and digital avatars, significantly enhancing user experience and content creator efficiency.

In terms of user data security and adolescent protection, Bilibili has placed significant emphasis. In 2023, over 80% of the company's operations received ISO information security management system certification, making it the first domestic video platform to obtain CCRC (China Cyberspace Administration) app security certification. Furthermore, Bilibili continuously strengthens its adolescent protection system, introducing features such as adolescent mode, anti-addiction systems, and parent-child platforms since 2019, ensuring that young users can access positive and beneficial content on the platform.

Through its distinctive "Energy Refill Station" initiative, Bilibili consistently addresses users' mental well-being, providing emotional support. In 2023, the Energy Refill Station facilitated emotional support for users over 73,000 times, with an average monthly attendance of over 6,000 users. The station also actively delivers care to users through videos and live broadcasts, conducting nearly 100 live sessions and reaching over 3.7 million users in 2023.

Bilibili deeply engages in philanthropy, leveraging its platform to actively conduct charitable activities. As of March 2024, the "Bilibili Philanthropy Platform" has engaged in 76 charitable projects, mobilizing over 800,000 caring users to participate in donations, accumulating a total of over 17 million RMB in funds. Bilibili maintains a keen focus on rural education, striving to bridge the urban-rural education gap. Since 2019, Bilibili has supported the construction of six rural schools, currently accommodating a total of 7,041 students. By the end of 2023, the platform had awarded over 1.19 million RMB in "Bilibili Happy Scholarships," aimed at providing better learning resources for rural children.

Leveraging the power of video content dissemination and the rich creativity of content creators, Bilibili actively promotes positive cultural influence. On the platform, young individuals uniquely record and inherit traditional culture, with the submission of traditional Chinese cultural videos surpassing 7.45 million in 2023, attracting a total of 220 million traditional culture enthusiasts. Environmental protection-related topics also garnered significant attention from the younger demographic, with environmental protection-related videos accumulating over 12.6 billion views in 2023. Additionally, content promoting female empowerment, rural revitalization, and amplifying the voices of disadvantaged groups have widely circulated on Bilibili, providing diverse creators with opportunities to express their viewpoints and showcase their talents.

Chairman and CEO of Bilibili, Chen Rui, stated in the report's address, "Bilibili's mission is to enrich the daily lives of China's younger generation, actively shoulder social responsibility, and contribute to societal development. We will continue to adhere to ESG standards in corporate governance and daily operations, collaborating with creators, employees, and partners to consistently implement ESG initiatives, drive industry development, achieve technological and content innovation, and actively contribute to sustainable social development."