SFC’s application for listing on the ChiNext board has been approved

Communication Author: Violet Chen Sep 21, 2023 07:00 PM (GMT+8)

SFC’s (SFC Holdings Co., Ltd.) application for initial public offering of shares and listing on the ChiNext has been approved by the ChiNext Listing Committee of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


SFC stands for Send From China, it is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in cross-border e-commerce retail and third-party cross-border e-commerce logistics for export. It focuses on cross-border e-commerce export business, adheres to software technology as the foundation, and is committed to improving the efficiency of cross-border trade by establishing an e-commerce ecosystem.

According to SFC, its current e-commerce business has expanded to over 200 countries and regions overseas, serving billions of consumers and providing over 500,000 Chinese made goods. In addition, SFC has bridged more than thirty overseas third-party e-commerce shopping platforms, providing high-quality warehousing and global logistics solutions for nearly 20,000 global e-commerce sellers in the logistics business.

According to China E-commerce Market Data Report, China's cross-border e-commerce market was valued at CNY 15.7 billion in 2022, of which China's export cross-border e-commerce market was CNY 12.3 trillion. This growth is driven by the gradual improvement of the cross-border e-commerce trade mechanism, the continuous dredging of international logistics networks, and the shift of overseas customer procurement habits to online.

Cross border e-commerce is thriving, transaction scale continues to expand. Global cross-border e-commerce enterprises mainly include Shein, TikTok, Ziel Technology (欧科技), Aukey Technology (傲基科技), and Anker (安克创新) in China, Shopee and Lazada in Singapore, and Amazon, eBay, Patpat, and Wish in the United States.

According to SFC 's prospectus: “In the future, the company will focus on its own technological advantages and R&D accumulation, combined with industry development trends, maintain R&D innovation in technology and data science, continuously improve and upgrade, and adhere to exploration and practice in improving trade efficiency. The company will provide Chinese products that meet the needs and preferences of consumers in different countries and regions around the world with the highest efficiency, while also providing high-quality cross-border e-commerce customers that best meet their needs E-commerce logistics services.”

SFC publicly issued 118.46 million shares in this listing, raising a total of CNY 868 million in fundraising. The funds will mainly be used for the construction project of the R&D and design center, the expansion project of the warehousing and logistics system, the construction project of the Zhengzhou headquarters operation and management center, and supplementary working capital.