Craft Beer + Night Economy Trend, Smart Beer Brewing Technology Company "Igulu" Wins 10 Mn

Consumer Discretionary Author: Xin Zeng, 张若昕 Jul 13, 2023 05:20 PM (GMT+8)

Craft beer intelligent brewing + fresh beer supply chain service provider "Igulu" has recently completed tens of millions of A round of financing.

It is reported that Aigulu was founded in 2015, providing beer intelligent supply chain services and diversified beer formula, liquor, intelligent equipment research and development and promotion. Aigulu has "intelligent equipment + more than 100 kinds of recipes + APP cloud platform", and its products have 40+ patents. At present, the company has reached cooperation with dozens of catering brands such as Haidilao(Chinese:海底捞), Bannu maw hot pot(Chinese:巴奴毛肚火锅), BLUE GULF COFFEE(Chinese:蓝湾咖啡), tanyaxue(Chinese:谭鸭血), Wenheyou(Chinese:文和友) and so on.

The official website of Aigulu shows that the company's business is currently focused on the To B direction, providing a complete set of beer upgrading services for B-end catering and bar merchants, including liquor research and development, on-site intelligent brewing, and supply chain services for bottled/barrel-loaded draft beer. EqualOcean's commercial beer brewing machine has launched three models, iGulu M1, M2 series and the latest lightweight model, iGulu N1 series, which consists of four parts, namely, intelligent saccharification unit, CIP automatic cleaning unit, fermentation unit, and intelligent temperature control unit to complete the complex processes involved in brewing, and can brew from 40 liters to 300 liters per day, with a price tag of around CNY 100,000- CNY 300,000, and has already begun to realize mass production.

Under the trend of high-end and personalized beer products, the consumption of craft beer is expanding. It is expected that in 2025, China's craft beer consumption can reach 2.5 billion liters, with a market size of more than $100 billion and an annual year-on-year growth of nearly 30%; the penetration rate will increase from less than 3% in 2021 to 6.3%.

In 2016, the founder Zhang Shu with this smart beer brewing machine, in the world's largest crowdfunding platform kickstarter, as well as the second-ranked crowdfunding platform indiegoogle crowdfunding broke a million dollars, into the global crowdfunding history of the top 5% sequence. 2017, in the United States International Consumer Show, the "love gulp" smart beer brewing machine won the innovation award, which was CCTV It was reported by CCTV4 and attracted the attention of Haidilao, and the two sides reached cooperation.

In the future, the beer track has the potential of "blossoming", but the head of beer has been occupied by the five major brands of snowbeer(Chinese:华润雪花), Tsingtao Beer(Chinese:青岛啤酒), budweiserapac(Chinese:百威英博), Heineken(Chinese:喜力)and Carlsberg(Chinese:嘉士伯), and it is difficult for C-suite brands to make a big breakthrough, because the consumption of beer is a scenario-based consumption, and in contrast to the past 20-30 years, the mergers and acquisitions of beer brands have often been the mergers and acquisitions of the channels. The beer sale is very dependent on the channel, but the traditional brands firmly control the channel, Igulu to avoid the battle of the brand to play the main cost-effective, is another way to a road.

The investors of "Igulu" are CIMC ENRIC(Chinese:中集安瑞科), Ningbo Lark(Chinese:宁波云雀)and Zhonghao Maven(Chinese:中昊麦文). Among them, CIMC Enrico is a brewing and storage and transportation equipment company in the liquid food industry, which owns a number of brands around the world.