GCL Delivered New Outcomes in Overseas Markets with a 550MW PV Module Order

Industrials Author: EqualOcean News, Xiaoran Zhang Feb 19, 2024 05:52 PM (GMT+8)

Following the signing of a 1.1GW deal, GCL, a domestic photovoltaic giant, has reached a new supply agreement for 550MW photovoltaic modules with another state-owned company in India, delivering sustained production and sales growth at the beginning of 2024.


Usually, the first quarter of the new year is the traditional off-season for photovoltaic companies, but this GCL has clearly overturned this tradition this year. Ushering into 2024, it has struck multiple large deals in and out of China, ensuring robust sales and production. According to the official WeChat account of GCL, the company recently reached a 550MW module supply agreement with Indian state-owned company SJNN Green Energy Limited (SJNN), and the module products will be used in India's SJNN's Khavda Solar Park in Gujarat and MSEDCL Solar Park in Maharashtra. Following the 1.1GW high-efficiency solar module supply contract with NTPC Renewable Energy Limited in India, this agreement is another gigawatt-level order secured by GCL. 

GCL Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic intelligent comprehensive energy system integrator, focusing on technology R&D investment, promoting the application and innovation of photovoltaic finance, providing technical design services of different regions, types, and scales, providing optimized design solutions. The company boasts a professional operation and maintenance team, gradually expanding operation on the globla scale.

Against a backdrop where international commercial trade competition is fierce and enterprises of all sizes are going global, GCL is actively exploring the overseas photovoltaic market. Currently, it is operated in countries such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, and France, and its overseas business accounts for 70-80% of the total revenue. "Through nearly two years of upgrading, the company has won the recognition of overseas customers with its high-quality and reliable product delivery capabilities," Zhang Kun, CEO of GCL and President of Global Marketing Center, once told the media.

According to the 2023 performance forecast released by GCL, the company is expected to achieve revenue of 15.5 billion to 17 billion yuan in 2023, that is a year-on-year increase of 85.6% -109%. In terms of sales, the company's global marketing center focuses on both domestic and overseas markets, enhancing customer loyalty and further expanding brand influence, with significant achievements made in overseas markets. Looking ahead, the company's goal is to continue to increase market share and accelerate the internationalization process.