AIGC Company Langboat Nets more than 100 Mn in Pre-A+ Round

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 14, 2023 11:41 PM (GMT+8)

Now that AIGC has begun to transform creative content, office practices and the search engine, Chinese companies must strive to seize the opportunity.


Founded in 2021, longboat(Chinese:澜舟科技) is an AI company incubated by Kai-Fu Lee's Innovation Works. According to founder Ming Zhou, Lanzhou Technology is dedicated to solving the challenges of understanding and generating human speech, providing open-source large-scale models based on NLP (natural language understanding) technology, as well as functional engines and applications focused on marketing, finance, cultural creativity, and other scenarios. According to reports, the company recently closed a pre-A+ round of funding. The round was led by Beijing ZGC Science City(Chinese:北京中关村科学城公司), with follow-on investment from Eight Roads Capital(Chinese:斯道资本) and Innovation Works(Chinese:创新工场). In less than one year, langboat has raised hundreds of millions CNY in total financing.

Through nearly two years of research and development in natural language technology, langboat has built a series of skill platforms and vertical applications based on the core technology of "MChat". As a "universal base", MChat large model provides key capabilities covering language pre-training model, multi-modal pre-training model, vertical domain pre-training model and other pre-training models. By establishing a "capability platform" on the base, langboat provides modular capabilities in various domains, such as knowledge mapping, assisted writing, machine translation, sentiment analysis, intelligent retrieval, intelligent customer service, and document parsing.

Due to the controllable feature, MChat has built its own technical advantages. On the one hand, MChat model can support models of different parameter sizes from one billion to one hundred billion, and is also compatible with model architectures such as BERT, GPT, T5 and ChatGPT; on the other hand, its long-term technical and cognitive deposits in vertical fields allow MChat to have a more professional performance in segmented tracks and Chinese business.

Nowadays, AIGC has started to reshape the creative content, office style, and search engine, and seizing the opportunity is an invited proposition. Company founder Ming Zhou concluded, "China's AI advantage lies in data and scenarios, seize the wind and opportunities, and there is still great hope for the development of localized models."

Langboat's competitors include VinTop(Chinese:盈拓云), Baidu(Chinese:百度) and Huawei(Chinese:华为).