New Materials Company DeepVerse Nets more than 10 Mn in Series in Seed Round

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 14, 2023 11:14 PM (GMT+8)

With the deep integration of new-generation information technology and manufacturing, new business paradigms are driving profound industrial change. The new materials industry has already begun to bring about profound changes in many major industries.

New materials

Founded in 2021, DeepVerse(Chinese:幻量科技) is a data-driven materials information design and engineering company. The company announced that it has completed a seed round of financing of tens of millions of RMB, led by Sequoia China Seed Fund(Chinese:红杉中国种子基金) and followed by Chaosheng Capital(Chinese:巢生资本), Zhen Fund(Chinese:真格基金) and Newlight. Proceeds from this round will be used for continued technology development and talent acquisition.

Today, AI is recognized as one of the most powerful innovations that could significantly improve almost every aspect of industrial activities. With the addition of computational physics and laboratory automation, they could be combined to improve everything from product development and process optimization to materials discovery.

According to the report, DeepVerse has independently developed an artificial intelligence and materials information data management platform that uses machine learning, high-throughput computing, and high-throughput experimentation to provide powerful solutions for new materials R&D, improve the efficiency of new materials R&D, reduce R&D risks, and promote efficient innovation in core aspects of materials-related manufacturing industries such as R&D, processes, and procedures, as well as improve the value chain status and long-term competitive advantages of its supporting companies.

According to the introduction, traditional materials R&D is mainly through a large number of experiments to try the formulation parameters, which can cover a narrow effective field and rely on the a priori knowledge of industry experts, and there are difficulties such as time-consuming, high cost and low controllability. DeepVerse adopts reverse design strategy to design materials according to the required characteristics. With DeepVerse's self-developed AI platform and database, not only the R&D speed is multiplied; in high-dimensional optimization, it can also meet customers needs and find the optimal solution in the shortest time; in experimental design, through sparse data processing and simulation, it explores the feasibility and effect of formulation and process parameters for customers; in R&D system, through digital intelligence, it helps enterprises to upgrade, so as to significantly reduce R&D costs and improve product performance.

Deepverse's competitors include DoubleStar(Chinese:双星集团) and YiHe Tech(Chinese:祎禾科技).