Alibaba Cloud to Launch a New Data Center and an AI-Powered Meeting Assistant

Technology Author: Tommy Mi Oct 21, 2021 10:09 AM (GMT+8)

An exciting day arrived for Alibaba Cloud as the company unveiled its new meeting assistant AI and announced the launch of a new data center planned for next year in South Korea. The company is trying to end the year strong as it continues to roll out more innovations and future plans.

Data center

Alibaba Cloud announced the launch of its first data center in South Korea in the first half of 2022. The new data center will offer its clients in South Korea more reliable and secure cloud services as well as highlight the company's effort in its commitment to empower South Korean businesses' digitalization.

Unique Song, the regional general manager of Japan and South Korea, said that "South Korea is a strategic market for Alibaba Cloud and we are building the new data center to address increasing demand for cloud infrastructure services from local clients. Together with our global data network, we will continue to help our South Korean customers heighten their pace of digital transformation and global expansion through the latest cloud computing technologies and ecosystem support".

Alibaba Cloud also unveiled the brand-new AI-powered meeting assistant, Tingwu, and a new version of the company's cloud computer. These new enterprise solutions aim at the growing popularity and surging demand of working remotely. Tingwu was developed by the global research initiative Speech Lab of Alibaba DAMO Academy. The meeting assistant is able to convert spoken words during a meeting into writing with 98% accuracy. Tingwu can also distinguish up to 10 meeting participants' voices and can handle English, Mandarin and 14 other Chinese dialects as well as generate meeting summaries and highlights.