China: Transcending the Cloud

China: Transcending the Cloud

China: Transcending the Cloud

Technology Author: Yingwei Fu Mar 01, 2021 07:00 PM (GMT+8)

ContributorsXia Yu

EditorYadi He, Luke Sheehan


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The Cloud market has been growing rapidly over the past ten years in China. In the new decade, the demand for digital services will further scale up, with more opportunities appearing during the Cloud deployment across industries. In this report, we depict the genesis of the Chinese Cloud industry, analyzing the most important trends, as well as the structure of the sector. We look into top companies in the space and their strategies.


  • The Chinese Cloud industry keeps strong momentum in the fast-paced, dynamic economic and technological environment
  • The local Cloud service providers' mindset changes from the 'capability-to-provide' to the 'capability-to-enable'
  • Diversity and multi-dimensional approaches are inevitable in Cloud deployment
  • Professional Cloud maintenance services are springing up as the Cloud deployment is getting more complicated and diversified


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Executive Summary
  • 3 Today's Cloud in China
  • 4 Changing and Transcending
  • 5 Emerging Opportunities
  • 6 The Future: Oppenness and Integration

In this report

billion yuan

Projected China's Cloud market size in 2023 (four-year CAGR of 28%)


of Chinese enterprises stick to the hybrid IT environment

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