Financials May 21, 2022 11:44 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the snowball company sent a lawyer's letter to dozens of institutions that use "snowball" to name their financial products, asking to immediately stop using the word "snowball" in the names of financial products. The full name of the "snowball" product that triggered snowball's dissatisfaction is the "snowball type automatic knock-in and knock-out securities firm income certificate", which has become a new favorite of many investors in recent years. Due to the strong professionalism of financial derivatives, once its customary name is spread, it is difficult to completely change it. Snowball's move is somewhat "foolish old man moves mountains". However, due to the full gimmick, this matter has attracted more investors' attention to the essence of "snowball". Objectively, it has made the popularization of investor education, which also has its positive side. The concern of snowball company is that such products are prone to improper Association of their own brands due to high volatility and high risk. In this regard, relevant departments may wish to learn from snowball company and be more alert to products that are easy to cause public opinion risks. In addition, the potential impact of such derivatives linked to market indexes on market stability is also worthy of vigilance. (commentator Peng Kefeng) WebView? url=
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