Technology, Financials Apr 24, 2022 09:05 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
This morning, the ground launch test of near space space space-based platform rocket cooperated by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Xingjian Tianhang Space Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully carried out in Lenghu Town, Mangya City, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is understood that the near space space space-based platform rocket launch is to use the high-altitude balloon as the near space space space-based launch platform, use the high-altitude zero pressure helium balloon to lift the rocket to an altitude of 25-40 kilometers, and realize the air ignition launch through remote control. The rocket can undertake the load task and collect data, and realize parachute landing after reaching the predetermined altitude. The test launch is the first ground launch test of a full system sounding rocket based on a high-altitude balloon platform in the world. It is reported that so far, only Stanford University in the United States has carried out a rocket launch test on a high-altitude balloon in the world. It uses a light high-altitude balloon with very low load capacity, and the volume of the rocket carried to high altitude is very small. In this test launch, the flight height of the rocket has reached the expectation, and the data recovery is stable and successful, which will also bring a breakthrough leap and innovation to the research of Atmospheric Physics and high-altitude detection methods.
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