Technology, Industrials Feb 15, 2022 10:39 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The financial Associated Press reporter learned from a number of people in the capital market that at the recent research activities of Ningde era, chairman Zeng Yuqun said that the only thing that depends on the United States now is the chip in BMS, but this is not high enough. At present, domestic technology is available. Ningde's new technology layout is not limited to the existing direction of the industry, but also some leading chemical material innovation. The basis of R & D innovation is the company's large-scale data collection and high computing power computing platform; This is something second tier players don't have. Other players rely on price to grab the market, but Ningde must have the lowest cost and the highest supply reliability. In terms of power replacement, I want to strive for a market with a relatively low penetration rate of 80000-120000 electric vehicles - the car price without batteries can reach 70000. The monthly battery rental cost is similar to the oil fee, and the speed of power replacement is also similar to that of refueling. Ningde can own battery assets - give full play to its technical advantages of "long cycle life" of batteries through business model innovation, and further promote battery recycling.
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