Automotive Jun 23, 2022 04:01 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou auto reported on June 23 that Ningde times released the third generation CTP - Kirin battery today. The battery pack adopting this technology will be mass produced and put on the market in 2023. The system integration of Kirin battery has reached a record high, and the volume utilization rate has exceeded 72%, which can increase the energy density of ternary battery system to 255wh/kg, and that of lithium iron phosphate battery system to 160wh/kg. Under the same chemical system and battery pack size, the power of the Kirin battery pack is 13% higher than that of the 4680 system, realizing the overall improvement of endurance, fast charging, safety, service life, efficiency and low-temperature performance. Kirin battery integrates the transverse longitudinal beam, water cooling plate and thermal insulation pad into one, which is integrated into a multi-functional elastic interlayer. A micron bridge connection device is built in the interlayer to cooperate with the breathing of the cell for free expansion and contraction, so as to improve the reliability of the whole life cycle of the cell. The integrated energy unit composed of battery cell and multi-functional elastic interlayer can build a more stable stress structure perpendicular to the driving direction and improve the anti vibration and impact capacity of the battery pack. Kirin battery also launched a bottom space sharing scheme, which intelligently distributed functional modules such as structural protection, high-voltage connection and thermal runaway exhaust, releasing 6% of the energy space. At the same time, it can meet the national standard battery safety test requirements such as bottom ball impact. The world's first large area cooling technology for power cells can place the water-cooling function between power cells and expand the heat exchange area by four times. The new battery structure supports 5-minute fast hot start and 10 minute fast charge. In extreme cases, it can also allow the cells to rapidly cool down to block abnormal heat conduction between cells.
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